June 6, 2017


Benefits of Collaboration

Working together to advance a person-centered system of health and social support services in Michigan, MI Care Council:

  • Promotes state and local public policies that support a system of high quality, integrated health and social support services.
  • Advocates for our members by working collaboratively with community leaders, local and state governments, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and other interested organizations to leverage better behavioral health, physical health and social support services for the citizens of Michigan.
  • Provides education and information designed to enhance members’ knowledge of emerging issues, best practices, new protocols and public policy-maker needs that support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care and services.

When public and private entities collaborate, we can gain efficiencies and quality that will help us best serve people and communities throughout Michigan.

What can we achieve together?

  1. Uniform training and reciprocity
  2. Audit reciprocity and standardization
  3. Quality and uniform metrics and outcomes
  4. Uniform medical necessity criteria
  5. Regional recipient rights and licensing with consistent administration
  6. Choice of provider and services via person-centered-planning and self determination
  7. Integrated services
  8. Use of best practices
  9. More effective sharing of medical records to better serve people who see multiple providers
  10. Standardized common billing platforms
  11. Consistent statewide consumer goals and metrics
  12. Access to joint research programs with universities
  13. Inclusion when policy and system discussions are taking place

Interested in joining us?

To download a MI Care Council membership application, click here. For more information about membership or to receive a membership application via email, please contact info@micarecouncil.org.